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  1. j-off-her-doll

    A 10 Year History of First Round CB's: How Safe is Trae Waynes?

    Looking at the drafts from 2005-2014, 40 CB’s were selected in Round One. Of these 40 CB’s, only 8 had 3-Cone times worse than 6.99 (20%). Starting with the most recent: 1. Darqueze Dennard – 7.07 (24th pick) 2. Xavier Rhodes – 7.29 (25th pick) 3. Morris Claiborne – 7.01 (6th...
  2. Xeus24

    Tampa Petition for CBS to show Chief vs Dolphins

    Hey guys I need your help to get this around post it on all dolphin boards you might be on. The is is a petition for CBS to show Chiefs vs Dolphins. Tampa is the only part of Florida not showing the game on Sunday which is ridicules they are not showing the only Florida team playing during the 4...
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