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charles clay

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    What They Said: Transcript of Charles Clay's conference call

    Transcript of Wednesday's media conference call with new Buffalo Bills tight end Charles Clay, provided by the Buffalo Bills. Q: Could you break down what made the Bills the right choice for you? A: When you look at the organization as a whole with the new owners, new coaching staff, a lot of...
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    Clay has returned to Miami after 3 days in Buffalo & Dolphins have not pulled tender

    Vic CarucciVerified account‏@viccarucci Charles Clay has returned to Miami after spending 3 days in Buffalo. #Dolphins still trying to keep him despite signing Jordan Cameron. 6:10 PM - 12 Mar 2015 Adam Beasley‏@AdamHBeasley Dolphins have not pulled the transition tender for Charles Clay, I...
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    Charle Clay #89 in top 100

    YEAH baby
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    Charles Clay 2013 highlights

    Charles Clay made some spectacular plays last year. He was a safety net all season long and showcased the ability to break tackles while fighting for extra yardage. Roll that beautiful bean footage below to see the evidence of a star in the making...
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    Charles Clay 39 yd TD catch & run = best Miami play of 2013

    Amazing. Completely ran over the defender in the open field.
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