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charles harris

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    Did Charles Harris have a successful rookie season?

    I’ll let you define what a “successful” rookie season actually means but to me it really boils down to if you think the kid played well enough to not only earn being picked where he was but also did he flash enough potential to possibly be an elite DE someday. His stats were subpar only...
  2. F

    What should have been

    Watching the Niners/Vikings game right now and man does Reuben Foster look good. All I can think is I can't believe we passed on him. And to make things worse.... Harris has been a ghost this preseason. Sad because Foster could have filled a huge need for us.
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    One-On-One Rookie Interviews

    Charles Harris Cordrea Tankersley Davon Godchaux
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    Charles Harris NFL Network Interview
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    Miami Dolphins 2017 Draftees Meet With The Media
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    Taco Charlton would have been the pick IF Charles Harris was not available in Round 1
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    Charles Harris Draft Party Interview
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