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  1. Kdawg954

    Coaching Hypothetical: RT starts, struggles, Fins down at Half . . . What do u do?

    So it's pretty simple. With the success a healthy Matt Moore played with last week and with the Dolphins seemingly going the route of Ryan Tannehill this week (who looked a bit inaccurate prior to getting hurt last week) . . . if Miami comes out flat on offense, Tannehill struggles and they are...
  2. jimlerario

    Next weeks game very big against 4-3 luck

    they're tied with us in the wild card, along with pittsburgh and the chargers. the chargers lost to the browns and played weak today. if we win that gives us the edge in the wild card and we could get a spot in the playoffs with I say pitssburgh as the other wild card.
  3. Statler Waldorf

    R. Wayne not coming to Miami, re-signs 3 year deal with Colts.

    Per NFL Network Total Access
  4. snake eyes

    only take Peyton if he agrees to heavy incentive laden contract based on perfromance

    I think personally if we take him it will ruin this franchise forever. The better play is for Flynn or to trade up in the draft if possible. With that said. If Ross just throws a ton of money at manning without protecting himself then he will deserve the demise he will reap. If however...
  5. snake eyes

    Would you say the Colt's management is smarter than the Dolphins?

    Ok here is why i ask. Ross is getting bashed on his hapless coaching search. I'm not a big ross fan but let's be fair. The colts are looking at the same retread coaches that Ross is looking at. So why arent the colts subject to the same media speculation the dolphins are? Andrew Luck that's...
  6. Phinfan31

    Colts wont take Luck

    Why is everyone so convinced that the colts are gonna take Luck? They have a legend in peyton manning who still has a solid 3 yrs left Manning family has spoken. They wont be on the same team If they were to trade they can fill a ton of holes And still get a qb later They wont abandon...
  7. snake eyes

    This team Stinks so bad it cant even stink right!!!!

    On a day when a Monumental collapse should be the top sports story of the week, the freakin Colts have to come out and stink it up even better in front of a national audience. Thanks A lot Curt Cobain er I mean Curtis Painter!!! The dolphins cant even Suck the best!!!!
  8. Da GODfather

    Am I the ONLY one who saw Pierre Garcon Give away that game?

    Someone please tell me i'm not the only one? Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me? Maybe I need glasses? It was pretty cute though, wasn't it? Gotta hand it to those tricky Colts. We could really take some notes from them. They lose ONE player and this is the outcome? There is no way...
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