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  1. number1fin

    ESPN talking heads react to Ndamukong Suh's contact
  2. Kdawg954

    A Look into a Potential Ndamukong Suh contract with the Dolphins.

    So the idea of Suh has been the rage of Finheaven over the last week or so . . . hell I'm excited myself. The big concern seems to be "How can we afford this guy". I will attempt to put the numbers of a fictional contract on display to give you a better sense of how it would all break down...
  3. finsfan4life

    Dion Jordan and offset language

    Florio has an article on profootballtalk about the Dolphins possibly insisting on offset contract language. This basically means that the Dolphins would recoup part of the money if they cut him, and another team signs him. I understand what the Fins are trying to do from a business perspective...
  4. Tailgun

    Steelers Unable to Close Long-term Deal with Mike Wallace - Preface to a Trade?

    According to PFT, all efforts to close a deal for Mike Wallace beyond next season have fallen through. He's sticking to his guns insofar as he wants a 5-year $55 million deal. Is this still an 11th hour option if Pittsburgh believes he'll likely walk next year for nothing? Is this negotiation...
  5. matt11390

    One year contracts

    I don't remember Miami having so many players signed for one year contracts. As of this posting that includes notable FA's like Long and Wake. Hopefully these two will get new contracts soon. But with so many one year contracts, what is the philosophy of the FO? Are they setting up for a...
  6. ryanosaur2000

    A longer wait on the horizon? "Contract talks between Peyton Manning and the Colts could extend until Sunday, according to league sources with knowledge of the quarterback’s deal with the team."
  7. Da GODfather

    Did Gruden say something about a contract?

    I could of swore John Gruden started to say something about signing a contract. He was talking about how he loved Jaws and Tirico (sp?) and that he was going to be around for awhile. Jaws abruptly cut him off mid-sentence (like always) so he didnt really get to finish what he was saying? It...
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