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  1. matt11390

    What will it take to sign Grimes long term?

    Was reading around on other sites and there's rumor going around that Grimes has been franchised. Of course this is a rumor and I hope it's false. But what are the opinions about how much money it would take to sign Grimes long term. DHall of Washington is also 30 just signed for four years and...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Dolphins vs Texans - Both Nolan Carroll & Jimmy Wilson not good enough backups

    First of all, I'm not a football guru, not a secondary coach, not an expert... But I can notice stuff like when a player is struggling while on the field. I'm not sure why Carroll keeps making this team year after year since he was drafted. He is getting beat by anyone (2ng string, 3rd string...
  3. jimlerario

    Why Brent grimes?

    For 5.5 mil a year when there was Namdi out there who signed for less than 2 mill plus many other cb were on the market
  4. nolefin

    keenan lewis cb steelers.

    Remember this name i bet ireland goes after him. Just a gut feeling lol
  5. matt11390

    Our Defense is Good Enough -part 2

    I started a thread after the Pats loss about our defense and IMO it is good enough for Miami to win a Super Bowl if we could get our offense at an elite level. My simple point was the D isn't great but good enough. Our problem is we can't score any points to take the pressure off our D. Anyway...
  6. ojmcduffy

    where they are now... Terrell Buckley

    former dolphins stand out terrel buckley is now the cbs coach for the university of akron. T. Buck is coaching Jason Taylors old team.
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