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  1. N

    Suh vs Coyle

    I think this is basically the chess match between Suh vs Coyle: Suh: "I would rather play a 1-gap defense" Coyle: "You're going to play a 2-gap defense, and that's final" Suh: "I just signed a $114 million contract, with $60 million guaranteed. I basically can't be cut. So I'm going to...
  2. utahphinsfan

    3 players to consider at #14

    1) Eli Harold UVa. Someone from Charlotesville will be ethically sound and smart. Frankly IMO, there aren't enough of those types in pro athletics. I understand he did quite well at the combine. He is listed as DE; could make the conversion to SLB? If not, rotate he & Dion at both. 2) Landon...
  3. VaPhinatic

    Coyle Today (9/15): Jordan & Jones not in game plan this week....

    I wonder why? James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL 10m Dolphins DC Kevin Coyle said he doesn't consider suspended DE Dion Jordan and S Reshad Jones in the game plan this wk unless it's necessary.
  4. BenchFiedler

    Dolphins Should Pair Michael Thomas with Louis Delmas at Safety

    I think we really have 2 SS playing in the secondary with Jones and Delmas... They play like LB's and they can hit hard.. We need that safety who will cover the TE and even WR's in a zone defense. I think Michael Thomas has better coverage skills than Jones and also Jones has been unimpressive...

    Fins DC Coyle Answers PFF Evaluation Question During his presser the day after the Ravens game, a reporter asked DC Coyle whether or not he consults PFF's numbers when evaluting a player. He gives a very interesting...
  6. VaPhinatic

    Trade Changes NOTHING for this season

    We are a 3 to 6 win team this year. Trading Davis doesn't change that statement. We are still a 3 to 6 win team. Biggest problem, it adds another gaping whole to fill next offseason. We have a new coaching staff. This entire roster will be turned over in the next 1-3 seasons. We should...
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