1. BenchFiedler

    Sometimes Injuries could be Blessing in Disguise

    Nothing against Raekwon McMillan. But sometimes an injury could be blessing in disguise same way Tom Brady and Kurt Warner became superstars, I mean Megastars I think we should see what we have with some of these guys. For example this Stringfellow guy still unknown to me beat a very good...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Are we really Missing Mike Nolan???

    I agree that Nolan is a good DC, his blitz scheme is very complex and the Dolphins Defense was Top 10 during his tenure in Miami...... Negative - Inability to cover the TE - I can understand we struggled a whole season with this, but Come on'.. How come he was still not able to figure out a...
  3. RocKStaR

    D Fence Is Shambles

    We cant win if they play like this.. Get your stuff together boys...
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