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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    2022 Defense vs 2023 Defense (Without Ramsey)

    There’s no question Ramsey going down is a massive loss for our defense. All we can do now is hopefully he’ll be able to return by December. We were a very competitive team most of last season when Tua was healthy even with a bad defense. So as long as our offense stays healthy this season...
  2. CMD

    Vic Fangio Defensive Breakdown: Diving Into the Go-To Calls in Passing Situations

    Cover 8 (Half-Quarter-Quarter) Cover 8 is a split field concept, with cover 2 to the passing strength and a variation of quarters to the backside. This is often a trips check for Fangio along with Cover 6, and both are interchanged throughout the course of each game and selected...
  3. BenchFiedler

    INGRAM Arguing/Furious on Sideline

    Anyone noticed Ingram was furious and arguing with some coaches last night? He had to be held back by another coach but what I saw was the whole starting defense on the sideline on rotation or something.
  4. NYFINest

    Dolphins Working out Malik McDowell

    It appears we are actively trying to sign some depth at DT. After failing to poach a DT from Seattle, we are giving their former 35 overall pick a look. Sounds like he got in trouble and never played a down in NFL. I guess pretty low-risk move so why not...
  5. BenchFiedler

    2019 Dolphins will be Fun to Watch

    Besides the O-Line, how do you really feel about Parker (when not injured) and Preston Williams line up with Grant and Wilson in a 4 WR set? How about the improvement of Gesicki and Ballage? Let's see how Baker and Fitzpatrick improved on defense with Jones playing his true SS position. Also...
  6. BenchFiedler

    Mike Pennel - Surprise Patriots Cut

    Dolphins should jump on this faster than the speed of light. He’s a big, solid, dependable run-stuffing defensive tackle who didn’t miss a game for the Jets the last couple of years and has 69 career games. He was only guaranteed his $500,000 signing bonus. He is a great fit for a team that...
  7. BenchFiedler

    Ziggy Ansah Or Justin Houston?

    I'm not sure if both are still available but after May 8th, I think we should sign one of them. They are injury prone, but still very very productive if used in a limited role. Also, not sure about William Hayes but he might be available as well. Ansah would definitely be a great...
  8. C

    Patrick Graham - Potential 2019 Defensive Scheme

    Great article written about Patrick Graham and the potential defensive scheme we could run next year.
  9. BenchFiedler

    Congrats To Jerome Baker

    3rd best rookie LB so far this season. Keep up the good work!!!
  10. VaPhinatic

    O And D Rankings As Of 10/1

  11. matt11390

    With Fitzpatrick How Can The Defense Look Now?

    Some quick thoughts about the new defense look. Miami could go mostly dime packages or nickel packages. Use 4 lineman, 2 LBs, 3 safeties, 2 corners. Miami could go with 4 DL, 1 LB, 3 safeties, 3 corners. My favorite is 4 DL with 4 corners and 3 safeties. Put their 4 best pass rushers on the...
  12. BenchFiedler

    Very interesting Analysis on Dolphins vs Panthers Very detailed explanation on Matchups, weaknesses, and strengths. Apparently the defense has issues stopping that pitch to the left... Enjoy!!! I wish we had these kind of sports writers in Miami. Unfortunately we have Omar :-(
  13. BenchFiedler

    The Falcons Challenge - Gap assignments and Discipline

    I took a few screenshots from the Dolphins-Falcons preseason game (starters vs. Starters). What I have noticed is that Matt Ryan is very good at misdirection plays. The dolphins defense will need to stay disciplined and execute at 110%. You can see how they scored a TD against our starters on...
  14. BenchFiedler

    Sometimes Injuries could be Blessing in Disguise

    Nothing against Raekwon McMillan. But sometimes an injury could be blessing in disguise same way Tom Brady and Kurt Warner became superstars, I mean Megastars I think we should see what we have with some of these guys. For example this Stringfellow guy still unknown to me beat a very good...
  15. Kdawg954

    Prediction Time: Dolphins @ Bills - Final Score

    We are just over 48 hours away from kickoff. Miami - 24 Buffalo - 27 Miami loses a hearbreaker on a Buffalo GW FG. Then there is a lot of panic for 24 hours and then we watch KC beat Denver, allowing us to recontrol our own destiny once again heading into NE . . . where we find a way to...
  16. BenchFiedler

    Biggest Issue on Defense - Slot corner (Bobby McCain)

    I just re-watched the game and the cardinals scored the last 2 TD's and the 2 pt conversion on who else... Bobby McCain. This guy is terrible in the slot and already cost us many many games. Why is he still a starter even over Lafayette Pitts? We have to upgrade that slot CB early in the draft...
  17. BenchFiedler

    Where are the James LB (James Burgess & James Michael Jonhson)

    If I can recall, we need major major LB help. Why not bring back one or 2 of James. James Burgess mostly was very impressive during the preseason. He showed good instincts, speed and coverage skills to cover TE's in the middle. He can't be any worse than Butler, Hewitt and Paysinger. Like...
  18. BenchFiedler

    Isa Abdul-Quddus made the biggest play of the Game!!!

    This was the biggest play of the game stopping Hunter on 3rd down who had a similar TD earlier beating Maxwell. One again, Maxwell was beat by a 3rd string WR and # 24 saved the Play and the game. I'm not sure if Maxwell was expecting Safety help over the top but looks like he was looking...
  19. BenchFiedler

    What Can this Team do Right???

    We CAN'T stop the run We CAN'T run the ball We CAN'T stop the pass We CAN'T stop rookies We CAN'T stop TE's We CAN'T read plays We CAN'T fill the stands in a stadium
  20. F

    Key to winning... Spread offense?

    I'm sure most of you noticed the difference in our offense after theach first half. First half had Tanny under center as well as in shotgun with some more classic dink and dunk miami offense pass plays. Second half showed Tanny primarily in the shotgun formation with Drake or Ajayi next to him...
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