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defensive coordinator

  1. BenchFiedler

    INGRAM Arguing/Furious on Sideline

    Anyone noticed Ingram was furious and arguing with some coaches last night? He had to be held back by another coach but what I saw was the whole starting defense on the sideline on rotation or something.
  2. BenchFiedler

    Mike Pennel - Surprise Patriots Cut

    Dolphins should jump on this faster than the speed of light. He’s a big, solid, dependable run-stuffing defensive tackle who didn’t miss a game for the Jets the last couple of years and has 69 career games. He was only guaranteed his $500,000 signing bonus. He is a great fit for a team that...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Ziggy Ansah Or Justin Houston?

    I'm not sure if both are still available but after May 8th, I think we should sign one of them. They are injury prone, but still very very productive if used in a limited role. Also, not sure about William Hayes but he might be available as well. Ansah would definitely be a great...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Biggest Issue on Defense - Slot corner (Bobby McCain)

    I just re-watched the game and the cardinals scored the last 2 TD's and the 2 pt conversion on who else... Bobby McCain. This guy is terrible in the slot and already cost us many many games. Why is he still a starter even over Lafayette Pitts? We have to upgrade that slot CB early in the draft...
  5. BenchFiedler

    Where are the James LB (James Burgess & James Michael Jonhson)

    If I can recall, we need major major LB help. Why not bring back one or 2 of James. James Burgess mostly was very impressive during the preseason. He showed good instincts, speed and coverage skills to cover TE's in the middle. He can't be any worse than Butler, Hewitt and Paysinger. Like...
  6. BenchFiedler

    What's with the Hype with Vance Joseph???

    Why is Vance Joseph different than Kevin Coyle? He was the secondary coach for the bengals and 49ers. He doesn't have any experience as a Defensive Coordinator in the NFL. So what makes you believe he will be the best DC ever hired by the Dolphins? What is his playbook? Where did he learn the...
  7. BenchFiedler

    IMO - Dolphins thought Watkins would be Inactive

    The only logical explanation to this Watkins mess - Dolphins coaches did not gameplan for him because they thought he was too injured to play. He was probably the only WR who caught passes from T. Taylor. Even Clay had a bad game and we had a good plan to stop him (I see a little Campbell...
  8. BenchFiedler

    Let's bring in Schwartz

    At least, he has experience on how to use Suh and he knows defense. We could maximize our return on this 100 million Suh investment.... Right now since the new head coach is talking about a culture change, let's bring Schwartz aboard....
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