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defensive tackles

  1. BenchFiedler

    Mike Pennel - Surprise Patriots Cut

    Dolphins should jump on this faster than the speed of light. He’s a big, solid, dependable run-stuffing defensive tackle who didn’t miss a game for the Jets the last couple of years and has 69 career games. He was only guaranteed his $500,000 signing bonus. He is a great fit for a team that...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Thad Lewis Torched Dolphins Twice!!! Kevin Coyle Gets a Free Pass???

    I really believe this defense should be a permanent 3-4 with the personnel we have instead of that hybrid 3-4 and 4-3.. How in the world could we get beat twice by a 3rd string QB and backup TE's moving the chains??? I'm not sure why the run defense got worst year after year and we still...
  3. BenchFiedler

    What's wrong with Dolphins Run Defense???

    The Run Defense was suppose to be our bread and butter. We are ranked 21st and we give up an average of 122.6 yds per game. This mean that teams are not only taking a lot of time off the clock to keep our so-so offense off the field, but also making our defense vulnerable to play-action passes...
  4. Pachyderm_Wave

    Alabama DT Josh Chapman played most of 2011 with torn ACL; meniscus That's a man right there.
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