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  1. Built2Win

    Devlin played well enough to stay? And the hard cuts at receiver

    Devlin was up and down in the game. Though Devlin showed some toughness and seemed to handle the adversity really well. I liked where the ball was going for the most part putting the ball in places where the receiver can get some YAC. I think Devlin makes the team, i think the mindset was to...
  2. U

    Ireland should shop Moore

    I really have been calling for this since we knew he wouldn't be the starter. Devlin has shown he is ready to take the back-up roll (which will further advance his development in practice) and soon injuries will likely have some teams around the league looking for a QB. If we can get a pick or...
  3. snake eyes

    Devlin should be #2 (not based on tonights game alone)

    Yeah I know he is playing the scrubbs but since this team is getting younger I think it makes more sense to put him number. I like what I see from him in Hard Knocks and in games. He's taller, faster and has a better arm. I think his potential is great. OK let the bashing begin now. I know...
  4. number1fin

    Patrick Devlin, our other franchise QB?

    He set the Pennsylvania high school career passing yards record with 8,162. Now at 24 yrs old, coming in at 6 ft 4 and 222 lbs, Pat sure does look the part on the surface having all the measurables you would want in a quarterback. Being highly touted entering college, Pat decided to stay...
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