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dolphin draft

  1. BenchFiedler

    Undrafted Rookie that will Surprise/Make Instant Impact

    We all know how lucky we got with Bess as he was undrafted and he is probably one of the best slot receivers in the league. We have a few undrafted rookies including popular WR Jeff Fuller because of his familiarity with the offense. My pick is someone on defense - Jacquies Smith This guy...
  2. Built2Win

    Do you get the impression the Dolphins drafted based more on fan perception?

    You know with the fallout coming up empty in the Manning, luck , flyn sweepstakes..That the dolphins felt like they had to reach a bit for RyAN to reduce the disappointment of coming up empty. Picking up the hometown pick Vernon. It seems the Majority now thinks that the dolphins need a big...
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