1. Kdawg954

    Prediction Time: Dolphins @ Bills - Final Score

    We are just over 48 hours away from kickoff. Miami - 24 Buffalo - 27 Miami loses a hearbreaker on a Buffalo GW FG. Then there is a lot of panic for 24 hours and then we watch KC beat Denver, allowing us to recontrol our own destiny once again heading into NE . . . where we find a way to...
  2. Kdawg954

    Kdawg's Game Log . . . . Fins @ Jets

    While my good friend hoops takes a requested vacation from the site, I figure I would attempt to fill in for him in his absence. Now I could never come close to giving you the insight that he does on a weekly basis, but I will give my personal take on the game last night. First of all, doesn't...
  3. Kdawg954

    Matt Moore highlights from Jets Win

    That first throw to Gray tho . . . that was a bonafide NFL throw with great ball placement. (NFL won't allow me to embed video, will try to find a different link)
  4. BenchFiedler

    Props to Maxwell amd Ajayi

    Wow.... They looked like completely different players out there. He managed to shut down Antonio Brown and Ajayi looks like a starter and franchise RB today. What a game!!!
  5. M

    A what would you do at 13... No Apple, only 1 QB taken

    Just a hypothetical what if... one that I think could happen, but not likely... top 12 picks tunsil, goff, ramsey, jack, bosa, stanley, hargreaves, buckner, conklin, apple, elliot, lawson... We're at 13 what do you do here out of curiosity. Wentz is available, do you take him as possible trade...
  6. Heisenphin

    Need the power of our Dolphin community....

    Please take 5 seconds today to click on this link and simply click on the vote button for Addison in South Magazine's "Greatest Kids Contest". If selected she will be featured in the December/January issue of the magazine. She had a good start but we still need many more votes. Feel free to...
  7. BenchFiedler

    How to Beat buffalo!!!

    Last week, we saw how New England was able to come back and win the game.. So how do we beat Buffalo On Offense 1. We need a QB - Check ✓ 2. We need a running game - Not check 3. We need a TE to keep their defense honest - Cameron injured - Not check 4. We need WR to win one-on-one battles -...
  8. BenchFiedler

    The Case for drafting Marcus Peters vs. DeVante Parker

    First of all, I'm not saying that DeVante parker is a bust or will be a bust... But at the time of the draft, we were already loaded at WR and we wanted to improve this defense who choked last year vs Detroit, Denver, etc.. Several mock drafts had the Dolphins drafting Marcus Peters and CB was...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Luke Joeckel's & Aaron Colvin probably OUT vs Dolphins

    Oh well.. When it rains it pours for bad teams... I want to play the best every week and don't like when star players get injured and we can't play against them. Hopefully they will feel better and play on Sunday
  10. Kdawg954

    KD's 53

    QB(2) - Tannehill/Moore I understood giving Freeman a shot and MBT seems like a "system" guy . . . but pretty clear this is our QB setup this year RB(4) - Miller/Williams/Ajayi/Gillislee I think LeMike lost it on that fumble tonight combined with Jones resurgence on the returns and Gilly's...
  11. BenchFiedler

    Reasons for Improvements on Offense

    I think the #1 reason the Dolphins are showing improvements is because we know who our starters are. For 3 games now, we used the same starters on the O-line (minus Albert), WR,'s, RB's and TE. Take a look at teams who are still experimenting trying to find starters: Patriots don't know their...
  12. J

    DeVante Parker impressive stat

    First off - been a while since I've logged in here. Love the changes/updates to the forum. Cool stuff. Saw this stat on Twitter about DeVante Parker... Source: (apologies - no idea how to post something from Twitter in a better way)...
  13. Geforce

    Dolphins sign two

    According to Barry Jackson the Dolphins have signed 5th round pick safety Cedric Thompson. Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz · 38m 38 minutes ago Dolphins churning through draft pick...
  14. number1fin

    Beat Reporters Preview Dolphins Draft
  15. BenchFiedler

    What They Have in The Tank???

    I understand the dolphins traded/cut older players to get younger ones (Wallace/Stills trade). We are top 5 as one of the NFL's youngest team. But we also have some veterans and I wanted your opinion if they still could play at a high level and what they had left in the tank... Cam Wake (33 yrs...
  16. VaPhinatic

    We lost more cap space by restructuring Ellerbe ...

    ...before the trade. "By restructuring Ellerbe's contract before trading the linebacker to the New Orleans Saints last Friday the Dolphins...
  17. number1fin

    Ryan Tannehill talks Miami Dolphins season
  18. VaPhinatic

    Rodgers to Jets done deal according to Omar

    Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly 11m11 minutes ago The deal with Kacy Rodgers is officially done. Jets apparently announced the move as well.
  19. Fin_Frenzy_84

    So what are we going to do about Defensive Tackle?

    At least one of the D-Tackles will not be back next year. There is even a possibility they all could be gone. So which D-Tackle or D-Tackles will not return next season and who do you want to replace them?
  20. Fin_Frenzy_84

    What do you think about Dennis Hickey?

    Do you think Hickey had a good first season? What do you think of Hickey's free agent signings? Do you think he had a good draft? I know its a little early to judge the players he has brought in but I have seen some nice flashes from some young kids If these players can gain consistency then...
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