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  1. Stoobz

    The Drake Dillemma

    I like Kenyan Drake and I want to see him succeed but let's visit some of why he isn't getting the touches everyone is screaming for. Pass blocking - One whiff does not define his ability in this area but it has to improve. If he's going to be back there, he has to be reliable enough to trust...
  2. Heinegrabber

    Per Roto: Drake And Gore

    Dolphins list Drake and Gore as co-starters Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore were listed as co-starters on the Dolphins' initial training camp depth chart. This is somewhat of a surprise after Drake finished last year as Miami's lead ball-carrier, though the Dolphins have been talking up Gore all...
  3. Blake the great

    Drake Killed It On The Left Side

    Per PFF.....interesting
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