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  1. Riftur

    I have been praying for an exciting offensive football team since Marino

    I started to lose interest in my favorite sport when we hired Flores. Not because I didnt like Flores, but because he was another defensive coach and I could not watch anymore seasons of field goals and praying the defense holds to win all our low scoring games. Not only did us Dolphin fans deal...
  2. number1fin

    Funny yet awkward photo session starring Tannehill, Wallace, Albert, and some fans
  3. Quadfather

    I know its rough times...

    But I really hope the stadium doesnt look like the stadium did at the Miami Hurricanes game. That was sad...Come on I hope we are better fans than that!
  4. Mage_Phin

    Dolphins Fans Raise $1,500 To Fly "Fire Jeff Ireland" Banner Over Jets Game God I hope these people didn't waste their money...
  5. dreday

    new Video of 49ers & raiders fans fighting in stands
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