1. snake eyes

    Problems real or imagined, Ireland must go!

    Ok maybe we are all wrong about Ireland and he is doing a good job the problem is that perception is fact in these cases. Some times you have to throw the lamb to the wolves however I dont think Ireland is a lamb I think he is the problem. Ross needs make a statement to the entire league...
  2. Kdawg954

    It was Fitting and IMO the FINAL act for Sparano

    Miami had the ball up 15-0 with under 6 minutes to play . . . and Sparano showed the world why he won't be around any longer Miami Dolphins at 5:50DENMIA 1st and 10 at MIA 33 D.Thomas right guard to MIA 33 for no gain (J.Mays). Timeout #1 by DEN at 05:45. 2nd and 10 at MIA 33...
  3. snake eyes

    I really Believe Sparano is trying to get fired!!!

    After watching his coaching performance tonight I really believe he wants to get fired. he cant quit because he wont get paid but if he gets fired then he can have a butt load of money to retire on. He will never get another coaching job again. Im not playing around he looked like he was...
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