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  1. snake eyes

    Well If Jeff Fisher Came here we would be looking for a new D coordinator right now.

    Hey im looking for Silver linings where ever I can. Oh yeah and Sparano is now going to Field Goal the Jests to death!!!!:hump:
  2. catch22

    Our team was in a downward spiral. Until the announcement of Philbin: Looking Up

    I have noticed one trend from the local and national media coverage as a whole for the last few months: It was peppered with bits of hope then followed by tons of negativity, ... Until the day Joe Philbin was hired. The low point for me as a fan was the day Mike Nolan left. Fast forward a few...

    Fisher opinion from former player..........

    I know ,,,,,, ANOTHER POST ABOUT FISHER So I finally had caught up to Derrick Mason who is a good friend of mine. I wanted to get his opinion on Fisher before just in case he elects to be the Dolphins head coach. I have posted several times that it was my opion that Fisher would be a good...
  4. jtoomuch

    This is making us look dumb.

    I think this is looking pathetic. Look, I know it is not the same thing, but would you want to marry a girl that was having a hell of a time deciding between you and some other guy? It makes us weak. I want a coach who thinks that coaching the Miami Dolphins is the greatest job in the world...
  5. Canadianfishfan

    And We've Got It Bad? Rams Forum

    Just checked out a Rams message board on what their take is on all the rumors out there. It's funny that they are saying the EXACT same things we are. At least we have a sense that we are interviewing other candidates. Doesn't sound like they are doing as much at the moment. We're ahead of...
  6. snake eyes

    Am I Happy if Fisher? No. Is he better than Tony? ummm, Yes

    Ok so here's my thought. This team is talented enough to succeed as is. Sure they need more players but they dont suck. Tony was not a head coach. Never should have been. As least Fisher can do more with the talent we already have than Soprano could. There have been more Tony Sparano hires...
  7. MD

    LaConfora says

    That the Jags want Mularkey and he seemed not as convinced Fisher was going to St Louis. Said there is less turmoil in St Louis but Miami has more money. Not much change but if the Jags news is true, that's a good thing. Just on NFLN.
  8. WestPhish

    Please sell me on Fisher

    I've been on this board for many many moons, but don't do a lot of posting. I decided to post because I am not sold on Fisher and would like you guys to help me get there. Are the Dolphins going after Fisher because he is the best coach out there?, or because he is the only big name coach out...
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