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  1. Henrik

    Fins sign WR Braxton Barrios

    Respectfully, BFIP
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Could we sign Slay?

    I know this post is lengthy but hear me out on this….. Something pretty big happened earlier today that was a bit unexpected tho…. Eagles released Darius Slay….. This came just days after talks of him possibly getting traded so I’m sure other teams held some discussions with the eagles and...
  3. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Cap Space?

    Anybody have an idea what are current cap space situation is looking like now after the day one signings? I know we still can free up more cap by extending some guys but I’m just curious where we’re at right now
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin Frenzy’s Mock Offseason (Pre-Free Agency)

    Extend •DT Christian Wilkins •C Connor Williams Restructure •OT Terron Armstead •WR Tyreek Hill •CB Xavien Howard Resign •CB Nik Needham •RB Raheem Mostert •RB Jeff Wilson •WR Trent Sherfield •OT Eric Fisher •OT Greg Little •P Thomas Morstead Free Agents •OT Mike McGlinchey •LB Bobby Wagner...
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    2022 Miami Dolphins QB....

    Well we all need to prepare ourselves for Watson rumors this offseason yet again.... I understand making a move for Watson would be a huge move since it could finally bring a legitimate pro bowl QB to Miami for years to come. I understand Tua still is young with potential and he hasn't had...
  6. Fin_Frenzy_84

    How Miami will spend their money...

    I've seen a lot of fans throwing out big defensive names lately that they want Miami to sign. I have seen some love for spending some money on the O-Line as well which makes sense but when it comes to big named skill players, a lot of our fans want no part of us paying them top dollar. Our...
  7. pacresjt

    Veteran Exemption??

    I was reading Miami has asked for a new rule regarding veterans. I’m not sure exactly what they are asking for? It got me thinking that a lot of Veteran players such as Frank Gore who can still contribute don’t get spots because there is only so much room. I say this, if a player plays 10...
  8. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Pre Free Agency Mock Draft

    Cap Casualties *TE: Julius Thomas ($6.6 Mil) *LB: Lawrence Timmons ($5.4 Mil) *RT: Ja'Wuan James ($9.34 Mil) (Obviously we might be able to trade him. Heard rumbles of possibly getting a third back but who knows) *We also SHOULD be able to restructure at least a couple deals to free up more...
  9. miamidolphins83

    Calvin Pryor released by Browns

    For getting into a locker room fight...can't really say that disqualifies him from coming to another team. Only 25 years old, he's given us fits over the years, could he be an upgrade to Nate Allen through the first 8 weeks and then split rotation with McDonald/Jones? 4-2-5 look...
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Current Cap Space?

    Anyone know where our current cap stands after trading for Thomas and trading Albert? Who do you think our next cap casualties will be?
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Brown, Minter or Hightower

    Who would you guys like us to sign? Would you go cheaper and sign Minter or would you spend big and try to land Hightower or Brown?
  12. Kdawg954

    Rob Housler - TE - UFA from Arizona He's not Charles Clay, but I think he could be a very good compliment to the Sims/Lynch duo we currently have. He'll come cheap also. He went to FAU so he is familiar with the area. He had a bad statistical year last season, but many...
  13. D

    My Super Realistic Semi-Annual Off-Season Plan - Now with more Suh!

    So it's that time of year again, the time of year ever fin fan loves because you can't start the season with a losing record. So how would I improve these Dolphins to finally get back to the promised land? Check my plan below and let me know what you think. Cut: Nate Garner, Cortland...
  14. matt11390

    What will be our first shoe to fall?

    To start our offseason moves. Honestly I have heard so much about Bullygate I want to :puke: It seems that Martin and Incognito want let the story die. Either Martin is meeting with Ross or Incognito is destroying his car. I am ready to move on to some football moves. So with that what is your...
  15. matt11390

    TE Jermichael Finley talks about Philbin Finley could be a FA target that won't command big money because of last year's injury. Apparently he is ready for contact drills now so looks like he has plans to...
  16. matt11390

    NFL Network says we are pretty much done spending Unless an acorn falls from a tree ... Like the tackle from Atlanta.
  17. finsfan4life

    Now vs. June 1st

    Yesterday Ben Volin tweeted that we had about 15 million in cap space now, and will have an extra 7 million on June 1st. If we save about 6 million to sign draft picks, that means we have about 9 million to spend on free agents right now, if I'm not mistaken. This is something important to keep...
  18. matt11390

    RT possibility

    What are the chances Miami goes with Yeatman at RT and signs Dumervil. I know Yeatman has been discussed in the past but sinc FA began we haven't. Perhaps Yeatman allows Miami to save some money and address other needs.
  19. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Elvis wants to play for Miami

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports Elvis Dumervil's agent intends to call the Dolphins because the DE would like to play for Miami.
  20. Dolphann4life

    Michael Bennet visting Dolphins today

    ProFootballTalk ‏@ProFootballTalk DE Michael Bennett is visiting the Dolphins today, per league source. Getting a pass rusher opposite of Wake is the next best thing from getting a solid CB in Free Agency.
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