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  1. snake eyes

    When did I miss the Chad Henne Signs with Jacksonville thread?

    Really It has to have been posted already right>
  2. utahphinsfan

    Phins offseason moves the won't happen

    If Henne doesn't return; odds are he doesn't sign w/ the jest or Bills Crowder coming out of retirement to play for the jest
  3. T

    The Myth of the First Round QB

    There is a lot of talk in Dolphins-land recently discussing that the 'Fins should select a QB, any QB, in the first round and the ship will right itself. And this line of thinking is based on the myth that "you need a First Round QB to win." But, the problem is, is that this is a myth. Let's...
  4. S

    Complete list of games where Chad Henne has choked

    Chad Henne is a choke artist. It doesn't matter how many nice passes he makes between the 20's, when it comes to scoring points, or turning the plays he has already made into wins, he utterly fails. I'm going to include some games where we won, because in some of these Chad nearly gave away a...
  5. C

    Henne has improved no doubt, but where does he rank among AFCE QB's?

    I liked what I saw Week 1 but both he and the offense regressed against Houston--despite getting great support from the ground game. With what you've seen so far, would you take him over Sanchez? Fitz?
  6. C

    Tell ya one thing. I'd rather have Hene than Orton!

    I am so happy we didnt get Orton. He sucks way worse than Henne!!! "ON ICE"
  7. RocKStaR

    This season we

    "Will rally around Chad Henne, and we will play good football" Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :hump::hump::hump::hump:
  8. Fin_Frenzy_84

    No excuses for Henne this year...

    Henne has weapons this year. He of course has Marshall who is a playmaker. He has Bess who catches everything and hartline who has solid hands. He has gates who can stretch the field. He has rossario who can stretch the field if we use him right. He has bush who has great hands out of the...
  9. Tunaphish429

    What If?

    What if Henne plays well and we still lose... Does Sparano get fired?
  10. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #3: Stock Report

    After a Great Week of upward trends against the Panthers, the stocks came crashing down against the Bucs. Stock Up Chad Henne - He was accurate, he showed touch, he looks like he is showing much better command when at the line of scrimmage and he is chillin on the sidelines with Fasano and...
  11. C

    Oh no not a John Beck / Henne thread

    I was listening to fox radio tonight tony bruno into the night. he was raving on how well John Beck is doing? Any of you guys see anything I'm missing? Is there a difference between Henne and Beck or is it just the curse of the dolphins that when players leave here they do better elsewhere.
  12. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #2: Stock Report

    Here is a basic 5 guys whose stock is up, and 5 guys whose stock is down report: Stock Up: Chad Henne - He wasn't all world, but he was solid. Second game in a row he was showing his new found athleticism in the pocket. Looks more in command, looks more confident. He is going to have to...
  13. MiZFiT

    Why Miami needs a QB

    Yes. This is indeed another thread about the QB situation in Miami. Yes. I know you are tired of reading about how the Phins should get Orton and whatnot. But this isnt so much about Orton. Its to illustrate just how bad the offense is with Henne under center. Let us start with the defense...
  14. Canadianfishfan

    So What QB Upgrades Are Left?

    When FA opened I was high on getting Orton... Now I'm kinda glad we didn't. So what the hell are we going to do? Is there really a legit upgrade to Henne? Let's just scratch Palmer off the list because he's retired, and after his season last year... I'm not sure if he's an upgrade. I hate to...
  15. JoeFin

    Why Not Give Orton Three Years?

    From what I've read, a big sticking point for Orton was he wanted more than a one-year contract. Fine, why not give him three? Make him the starter this year and see how it goes. If it doesn't go so well, do what you have to in order to draft a stud QB next year (big QB class next year ...
  16. dolphinfan41

    I don't understand how anyone can back Henne?

    Please not another year of Henne ... Let me start off by saying that I have been a Dolphins' fan living in Buffalo, N.Y. (Which is hard) for many years. Chad Henne is not, and will never will be the answer at QB. Bill Parcells knew this, and that is supposedly why he Bailed on Miami. Henne...
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