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  1. Kdawg954

    Meanwhile in New Orleans . . . . .

    Mike Triplett @MikeTriplett · 10h10 hours ago #Saints drafted an OL and a LB in Round 1 -- both firsts in the Sean Payton era.
  2. W

    coaches coach players play (on players)

    All these its the coaches. Lets be real here. Do we have a elite coaching staff most likely not but they have a plan and I believe in what they trying to accomplish at moment. Now!!!!!!!!!! The players are the issue for me. Tannehill has had a decent season but he still needs to grow BUT its...
  3. Kdawg954

    Mike Sherman vs. Jeff Ireland: If you could only get rid of one, who would it be?

    Just curious to see who the board despises more :lol:
  4. LouPhinFan

    How the Miami Dolphins Fell Apart - must read I think this article hits the nail on the head.
  5. 5

    Blame Ireland

    He drafted Martin and brought in Incognito. You you can always blame Ireland:lol:
  6. Kdawg954

    Dolphins Starting Lineup featuring missed draft picks over the past 10 years

    So there was a post in the Dez Bryant/Jimmy Graham thread wondering what a list of "potential" Dolphin misses over the past drafts would look like. So I took 45 minutes and had a little fun with it. Went back 10 years from the 2004 NFL Draft to the 2013 NFL draft and redid the draft picks with...
  7. D

    Is it wrong to question Saint Jeff for what we're currently witnessing?

    I know we all need to love Saint Jeff, and he's much wiser than any one of us, but is it wrong to question him?
  8. BenchFiedler

    After 5 games, How do you Feel About Ireland Now???

    I will continue to say that - We are not coaches and that's why we have a day job..... I know Ireland failed in Free Agency because of NoNoo, and Hicks, and T. Johnson, and Chad, etc... But we did not overpay for Mario Williams and Anderson (Buffalo is not pressuring the QB that much) We also...
  9. SkapePhin

    MERGED: Jeff Ireland involved in verbal altercation with fan on Sunday

    Tune into 790 right now. There is a fan telling his story of how he had a verbal atercation with Jeff Ireland during the game sunday. The fan apparently told Ireland to "fire himself" and Ireland returned with "Good one, buddy" and later tapped the fan on the shoulder and called him an "ahole"...
  10. snake eyes

    Vonte still a big loss.

    Great win i loved it but I do fear a good quarterback will have a field day with the secondary we presently have. They are leaving receivers too wide open. Hope Philbin has a plan.
  11. snake eyes

    i check finheaven every day 2 C what Ireland has done to improve our receivers

    We hear how Ireland wants to find the best receivers for Miami yet as each day passes our best receiver is still our QB Tanehill. When is this masterful plan supposed to happen?
  12. snake eyes

    I"m a bit leery of this sudden leak from the F.O. on Ireland.

    Unless Ross is the most incompetent dufus on on the planet, the Texans game should have come as no surprise. Ross never got out in front of it. Suddenly we lose the game the entire world knew we were going to lose and NOW ross leaks his dissatisfaction with Ireland. Something Stinks here. I...
  13. snake eyes

    Marshall vs Nana. I know lots of posts about this but I want to show you the #s!

    Ok those of you who will bash me just know this I love it. Im kind of a sadist that way. Now looking at Marshall we all know how productive he was and is, but when you look at NaNa not only do you have to question this team for keeping him but Why the hell he is even in the NFL still. If I...
  14. snake eyes

    Preseason is over the season starts next week. NOW your looking at receivers?

    The entire world knew the minute we let Brandon Marshall go that we had NO receivers. So mini camps go by, training camp goes by, the entire preseason goes by and NOW Idiot Ireland gets serious about Receivers???? Yeah yeah, dont tell me about other teams releasing receivers and this is the...
  15. snake eyes

    I really dont understand Ross.

    We all know the dolphins suck and have for years. All the sports media has been talking about it, Local Media talks about it, all the fans talk about it, all the forums and message boards talk about it. And now the whole country could see on Hard Knocks how we suck. So it is no secret AT...
  16. dolphintodd


    Ireland: Up until now I have been on the fence about Ireland and I still might be but you have to respect a person who can trade away a previous number 1 pick. He can put his pride to the side and do what is best for the coaching staff and the miami dolphins. The way he is working with the new...
  17. Etuoo33

    Merged: Ireland's pass on Dez Bryant justified

    Ireland's pass on Dez Bryant justified? Read on, from Peter King, SI :hclap: :hump: 9. Is Dez Bryant allowed to go the men's room by himself? The Cowboys aren't just a little worried about Bryant's maturity level, they're petrified. According to Calvin Watkins of, Bryant...
  18. snake eyes

    Philbin, Ireland next year.

    I have to say it looks like Philbin is going to be a good HC> Not sure about the other coaches time will tell. So we stock draft picks hope for the best 8-8 hopefully. Philbin seems like a guy that likes to communicate in peace and order but I wonder I he has the gonads after this season If...
  19. snake eyes

    No matter what Ross Does until he wakes up a sees Ireland is the problem we doomed!

    Year after year season after season coach after coach there remains only one connection to the Disease that is the Miami Dolphins. Jeff Ireland. Ireland must really have something big over Ross's head to black male him with. This makes no sense. He is willing to change everything else except...
  20. 5

    WOW, the tables have turned.

    Everyone is singing Irelands praises, 2 months ago people were running him out of town. This year will be a big judge on his future with the organization
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