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  1. R

    What about Julio Jones?

    I saw it trending on Twitter that the Falcons are looking to trade Julio Jones. What if the Dolphins make an offer? I think with the money owed and the age you aren’t looking at throwing a first and I really believe the fins have the capital to make it happen. Maybe next years second and a...
  2. jimlerario

    Great Defensive Effort by the Reinvented Starting Lineup

    The Dolphins defense assembled in Miami is shaping into one of the best groups in years. Howard-Allen (McDonald)-Reshad Jones-Tankersley Timmons-Maualuga-Kiko Alonso Branch (Harris)-Godchaux-Ndamukong Suh-Wake (Hayes) The four man rotation on the edges has be efficient, with Harris kicking...
  3. VaPhinatic

    Coyle Today (9/15): Jordan & Jones not in game plan this week....

    I wonder why? James Walker ‏@JamesWalkerNFL 10m Dolphins DC Kevin Coyle said he doesn't consider suspended DE Dion Jordan and S Reshad Jones in the game plan this wk unless it's necessary.
  4. Tunaphish429

    Reshad Jones

    Dude is a playmaker, if we can re-sign him do it now. Dude has 2 ints thru 5 games along with 25 tackles. He has 4 ints in his career along with 3 sacks. He is making plays at the Los not ten yards behind it. Lock him up now if you can.
  5. Kdawg954

    Reshad Jones

    Is it me, or did he just have a terrible game? He took bad angles the entire night, he was slipping, he was out of position and the one chance to show his ball skills he didn't pick the ball and take it 100 yards. Truthfully, I'm not going to rewatch that game last night so I'll let others...
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