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jordan cameron

  1. N

    TE Jordan Cameron out with 4th concussion. Run blocking may be better with Dion Sims

    Jordan Cameron was never a good blocker, and he's declined as a receiver. Having Dion Sims take the starting TE role may actually be an upgrade, especially in run blocking.
  2. N

    8/7/15 Scrimmage Highlight: Ryan Tannehill to Jordan Cameron TD Pass
  3. T

    Herald Reports Jordan Cameron's two-year contract with the Dolphins a "mirage.

    The Miami Herald considers the 2016 portion of Jordan Cameron's two-year contract with the Dolphins a "mirage." Cameron's deal was announced as two years and $15 million. But his cap charge is only $4.5 million this year while the 2016 number is $9.5 million. Furthermore, Cameron's $7.5 million...
  4. Induetime1k

    Tannehill Finally Has A True Tight End Now!!!!!!

    The last time Tannehill had a legitimate TRUE TE It was Dustin Keller, They develop chemistry in training camp then BOOM his knee gets busted and hes stuck with Clay. I never like Clay but in 2013 he had a good year but i was not sold on him yet, i wanted him to do it again then he makes a name...
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