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kansas city chiefs

  1. SF Dolphin Fan

    What Team Would You Most Like to Resemble?

    With the Miami Dolphins in a total rebuild mode, I just wonder what team you would most like Miami to resemble? For me, I think it would be the 49ers. Not sure yet on Jimmy G, but he did make it to the super bowl in his first full season as a starter. I think Dan Marino was the last to...
  2. Xeus24

    Tampa Petition for CBS to show Chief vs Dolphins

    Hey guys I need your help to get this around post it on all dolphin boards you might be on. The is is a petition for CBS to show Chiefs vs Dolphins. Tampa is the only part of Florida not showing the game on Sunday which is ridicules they are not showing the only Florida team playing during the 4...
  3. RockyMtnPhinfan

    Come join the Phinvaders at ARROWHEAD stadium Kansas City!!

    These guys do am impressive job, so if you are heading to the game consider meeting up with your fellow Fin fans......Lets get together and represent in Kansas City. Check it out.... http://www.phinvaders.com/2011-events/kansas-city-chiefs.html They're on facebook also...
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