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  1. Kdawg954

    Miami Dolphins will regret trusting wallet, not eyes, on Jarvis Landry

    Continue reading @ Really good article by Dave George. Whether you want Landry here or not, if the reason is just a couple million AAV, considering other...
  2. pacresjt

    IMO Parker just got Landry his Contract

    After watching Parker under deliver for 3 seasons, his inability to play through a season; I think he’s put the Icing on the cake for Landry’s extension. His last two games showing unreliability, lack of separation, lack of ability to battle for the ball and letting balls slip through his hands...
  3. jimlerario

    OBJ Heavily Recruiting Landry All signs point towards a Landry departure. Did you guys see Landry's instagram post? Not looking good.
  4. Kdawg954

    Down 10-0, Tannehill to Offense "Take a Deep Breath, We ARE going to win this game"

    Lets not sugarcoat it, the offense, including Ryan Tannehill, played like crap for 53 minutes. But you have to love Ryan's confidence in gathering his team and staying upbeat and confident and then showing the ability to shake off a bad performance and driving his team down the field with two...
  5. Kdawg954

    The play that should make Tannehill's biggest detractors step back and smile

    Down 3, under 6 minutes to play, near midfield and it is 3rd and 7.
  6. Kdawg954

    To All those Dolfans (me included) who thought we should take Landry off returns . .

    Love this kid man
  7. Built2Win

    Landry smooth returner

    Landry ran past 6 falcons straight up the middle. Juked a few more defenders before picking up 48 yards. Expression Priceless Link to Landrys long return...
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