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  1. matt11390

    This guy just doesn't get it,0,702976.column?track=rss This cover article on the finheaven site states Jake Long is outta here because we drafted Martin. He doesn't even suggest Martin is going to make our OL really good by...
  2. matt11390

    Martin fills a big need but ......

    Curry and Hill were still there. Now the stinking Jets are getting Hill. I like the OL we are forming but we need playmakers badly. Hopefully we will focus on them the rest of the draft.
  3. matt11390

    Whatever happened to Jake Scott?

    Last I heard he and Miami were still talking. I haven't seen where he signed with another team. Could it be the reason things have gone quiet is Miami and Scott have a deal in place but are waiting to announce it because Miami is attempting to restructure Wake and Long to get the deal done :idk:
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