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  1. Stoobz

    ?!offensive Draft!?

    I know it's not going to happen but let's just say Gase goes nuts and insists on taking offense our top half of the draft. Who would you be happy with? Round 1, Pick 11 (11th overall) Round 2, Pick 10 (42nd) Round 3, Pick 9 (73rd) Round 4, Pick 23 (123rd) Round 4, Pick 31 (131st)...
  2. JCane

    Florida Gators Spring Game

    Am I reading this correctly? Ended in a 23 all tie? You guys can't even win your own spring game? That's gold. Oh well. At least you guys had good reason to block each other in this one.
  3. JCane

    * * * OFFICIAL LOL @ The Gators Thread * * *

    What a game yesterday, fellas. A true college football atmosphere was brought to reality at Sun Life stadium. I will say that neither team played well enough to win. However, in the end, someone has to win. And I believe it's best that that someone be the team that isn't QUITTING the rivalry...
  4. JCane

    We the Seminoles

    Oh man... :lol: :lol:
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