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  1. Dolph N.Fan

    Players That Definitely Need to Be Cut

    Successful 0-4 preseason wrapped up. What players after this preseason absolutely must be cut? I'll just assume that the consensus is that David Garrard and Legadu Nanee absolutely must be put out of their misery and released. Any others?
  2. Etuoo33

    Blowhard Tuna- The real deal

    This will explain what a lot of us Phin fans already knew. We were cheated. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/bill-parcells-miami-dolphins-kansas-city-chiefs-big-tuna-responsible-for-two-of-the-worst-teams-in-the-nfl-100611
  3. Heinegrabber

    Browns last TD was given to them

    We knew they were going to score you could see the offense huddling on the sidelines. I put a million dollars on it. The offense was moving between the twenty almost at will all we needed was a field goal but we ****ed our selves.
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