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  1. Phinfan31

    Colts wont take Luck

    Why is everyone so convinced that the colts are gonna take Luck? They have a legend in peyton manning who still has a solid 3 yrs left Manning family has spoken. They wont be on the same team If they were to trade they can fill a ton of holes And still get a qb later They wont abandon...
  2. 1CoolFin

    If Luck Wins the Heisman?

    Do you think Andrew Luck will have a better NFL career if he wins or loses the Heisman this year? Think about all the Heisman runner-ups that have excelled in the NFL possibly b/c of a proverbial chip on their shoulder before you answer: John Elway 2nd 1982 (Herschel Walker 1st) Steve Young...
  3. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Mock Draft (One Step Closer)

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Sign Ben Grubbs OG Michael Griffin FS Manny Lawson OLB Draft 1st pick- Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2nd pick- Levy Ad**** OT Oklahoma State 3rd pick- Coby Fleener TE Stanford 4th pick- Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt *Trade 6th and 2013 5th for 2012 5th 5th pick- Bobby...
  4. F

    My 2012 Off-Season

    HC - Bill Cowher Top Free Agent Signings: 1. Ben Grubbs OG 2. Jared Gaither OT Players to Keep: 1. Daniel Thomas HB 2. Reggie Bush HB 3. Charles Clay FB/TE 4. Brandon Marshall WR 5. Clyde Gates WR 6. Davone Bess WR 7. Jake Long LT 8. Mike Pouncey C 9. Nate Garner OL 10. Vontae Davis CB 11...
  5. snake eyes

    As soon as Miami had the lead Sparano just shut it all down? What an idiot!

    Holy crap he sucks. How about the 3rd and 4 he goes for the field goal early on. Then we get the 15-0 lead and they just start running 3 and outs and playing prevent? Like they were just soooo excited holding the lead for the sure win! Wow. If he isnt fired than that means Ross is sure that...
  6. Kdawg954

    It is What it is

    I'm just on cruise control with this team . . . hope they do well, not expecting it and I'm comforted with the losing by knowing a solid QB class seems to be in the works for the 2012 draft . . . but you better believe its gonna take alot more than "Luck" to turn this thing around. Last night...
  7. M

    (Merged xA LOT) The Official You gotta Suck to get Luck Superthread for those that haven't seen these videos.. dude can play QB as good as they come and why not play him at LBer/Safety and WR too :) 3 positions filled with 1 draft pick. Who needs Brandon Marshall, Luck...
  8. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Andrew Lucks release

    His really is not normal but it doesn't mean its a bad thing. Phillip rivers release is very identical to him.
  9. snake eyes

    I'm conflicted: To Suck or not to suck?

    I want to Suck bad enough to get Luck (Like Ireland would ever draft him) but at the same time that means one more wasted year of no team to Root for or be excited about. Its a real emotional catch 22 :crazy:
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Dolphins draft Andrew Luck the Official Video! This is a video I made last night. Hopefully there is more to come in a dolphins uniform. ENJOY!
  11. T

    The Myth of the First Round QB

    There is a lot of talk in Dolphins-land recently discussing that the 'Fins should select a QB, any QB, in the first round and the ship will right itself. And this line of thinking is based on the myth that "you need a First Round QB to win." But, the problem is, is that this is a myth. Let's...
  12. snake eyes

    ...and if Andrew Luck Decides to stay in College? Then What?

    Seriously. We are all popping chubby's for luck but what if the Idea of going to the Dolphins disgusts him. Let's be Honest It might disgust me If I were him. Then where are we?
  13. scottieUK

    If we get beat by Cleveland.............

    ..................... then I will officially join the `Suck for Luck` campaign! Some people say we won`t get that bad and get Luck, but I`m not so sure. The players heads will drop if we lose to the Browns, we then go to San Diego followed by the Jets in NY on Monday night. 0-5 for sure. We...
  14. H

    Three Positives From Today's Game

    The start to this season has been horrible and yesterday's game against the Texans was very ugly. However, there were a few positives from the game. 1 - Daniel Thomas. He looked good out there and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying he looked like a pro bowler, but he did have some...
  15. 5

    Suck For Luck?

    Mr. Ross was very high on the Stanford program over the summer, maybe they saw that Luck was the straw that stirred the drink. Is it possible all these horrible late minute game managment blunders may be a call from in the box that we want Luck? Ready...GO!
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