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  1. SkapePhin

    If Tannehill is out for the season, who do you want as starter?

    If Tannehill is out, what is our best option?
  2. N

    Matt Moore-led Dolphins avg 34 pts/game. #1 in the NFL.

    Currently, the Atlanta Falcons lead the NFL in points scored, with 33.5 pts/game. But if "Matt Moore-led Dolphins" were a separate team, it would be averaging 34.0 pts/game, making it the #1 scoring offense in the NFL...
  3. N

    Matt Moore high arcing deep ball to Kenny Stills.. 52 yd TD Matt Moore's strength has always been the high arcing deep ball (which makes it easier for the receiver to catch it in stride) If opposing teams are going to stack the box against...
  4. N

    Miami already has 34 pts (season high), and 4 passing TDs (season high). Matt Moore..

    34 pts is a season high. 4 passing TDs is a season high. And Matt Moore set those season highs by the 3rd quarter of his 1st game back. Matt Moore can lead this team to the playoffs. The season isn't over.
  5. N

    Save the Season: Matt Moore, Gator Hoskins, Damian Williams, Rishard Matthews

    After 5 games, the Miami Dolphins passing game is still crawling down the field in a phone booth.. - Yards per Pass Play: 6.2 yds (ranked #30 out of 32 NFL teams) - Longest Pass Play: 35 yds (ranked #31 out of 32 NFL teams) - Passer Rating: 81.5 (ranked #26 out of 32 NFL teams)...
  6. N

    Matt Moore + Mike Wallace deep go route

    The most powerful weapon on our roster is the Mike Wallace deep go route. Tannehill is unable to use that weapon. Matt Moore might be able to. If Matt Moore became the starter, then it's certainly possible that Mike Wallace could return to being the homerun terror we paid him to be.
  7. number1fin

    Trade Matt Moore to the Rams for something

    Sam Bradford is out for the year with a torn acl. I know Ryan Tannehill could be lost for the season any game now himself. But frankly I'd rather see what Pat Devlin can do if it comes down to that. Thoughts?
  8. Kdawg954

    Coaching Hypothetical: RT starts, struggles, Fins down at Half . . . What do u do?

    So it's pretty simple. With the success a healthy Matt Moore played with last week and with the Dolphins seemingly going the route of Ryan Tannehill this week (who looked a bit inaccurate prior to getting hurt last week) . . . if Miami comes out flat on offense, Tannehill struggles and they are...
  9. MarSly

    Matt Moore

    I'm tired of the Matt Moore bashing.The guy earns a extension for several more years to be Tannehill's backup next year.You'll have a good one two punch for 3 or 4 seasons until Moore moves on.David Garrard is the one who gets cut first..
  10. diehardfin

    Say no to Flynn!

    I have been watching video all day of our QB possibilities for next year. Matt Flynn did a good job replacing Rodgers when he needed to. However I do not think he is our man. The video I watched made me feel like he was taking advantage of the talent in GB instead of making it better. I would...
  11. N

    So was Chad Henne the problem all along?

    2008: Chad Pennington was the starting QB, and we went 11-5, and won the AFC East. 2009 & 2010 & Early 2011: Chad Henne was the starting QB, and we struggle. Late 2011: Matt Moore takes over, and we start turning things around, and are now back to looking like a winning team. So was...
  12. snake eyes

    Matt Moore Highlights

    Well for what its worth I found these on Youtube. I really cant tell what to make out of them. Apparently someone thought he was good enough to spend time on cutting this together but I really cant tell if he is any better or worse than henne...
  13. mandal24

    (Merged xA LOT) The Official You gotta Suck to get Luck Superthread for those that haven't seen these videos.. dude can play QB as good as they come and why not play him at LBer/Safety and WR too :) 3 positions filled with 1 draft pick. Who needs Brandon Marshall, Luck...
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