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  1. D

    Just wondering

    I'm just wondering, but what people in the media are allowed to blast the Dolphins. I say this because it doesn't seem that there's anyone on this board that feels any media member ever does us justice. I mean please tell me any moments in the last 20 years that we really deserved any kind of...
  2. MD

    Schein: Dolphins Set Up for Sustained Success

    There has been a lot of disappointment that the Dolphins have not been getting recognized by the national media after 3 weeks of impressive football. As this week transitions into week 4, I am not surprised to see the accolades starting to roll in, after all they are playing the Saints on MNF, a...
  3. number1fin

    Dion Jordan answers media questions following draft selection
  4. catch22

    Our team was in a downward spiral. Until the announcement of Philbin: Looking Up

    I have noticed one trend from the local and national media coverage as a whole for the last few months: It was peppered with bits of hope then followed by tons of negativity, ... Until the day Joe Philbin was hired. The low point for me as a fan was the day Mike Nolan left. Fast forward a few...
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