miami dolphins

  1. Lilseb93

    I Don't Get Some Fans....

    Many of us knew Matt Moore was not a franchise QB, but a career back-up. People who have spent all week defending him are going to turn on him now. I'm sick of Dolphin homers always saying "You guys want to throw a rookie QB into the fire, and then you'll abandon him and blame the coaching...
  2. igor79

    Roving Miami Dolphins fans don't shy from rigors of the road

    Just wanted to share this article on away Dolphins fans. They interviewed me about my New York City fan club Dolfans NYC and they ran four of my photos... Pretty cool.,0,1497725.story
  3. fin-atic


    There is no doubt that the Miami Dolphins are playing at a consistently very good level. In the weeks ahead, how good they are will be truly tested. The Eagles come in with the same record but they are a very different football team. The Eagles are a very talented and good team that is capable...
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