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    Miami DEAD LAST in 40+ yd passing plays..

    In 2014, Miami only has 2 passing plays over 40 yds. This ranks Miami #32 out of 32 teams. Dead last. So if you've felt like the 2014 Dolphins have been crawling down the field, your eyes have not deceived you...
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    Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel on Finsradio tonight!

    Tonight Cat, Paul, and myself will be joined by Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel on our episode of On The FinSide on Mr. Garfinkel has been kind enough to accept our invitation and we look forward to speaking with him about the Dolphins and their new stadium renovations that are...
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    Fins-D during Coyle Years = #4 scoring defense (out of 32 teams)

    Kevin Coyle Miami Dolphins Scoring Defense Total Points Allowed for 2012, 2013, 2014 (up to 12/2/14) Rk Team Total Points Allowed (2012, 2013, 2014 up to 12/2/14) 1 Seattle Seahawks 697 2 San Francisco 49ers 789 3 Cincinnati Bengals 872 4 Miami Dolphins 884 5 Arizona Cardinals 905 6 New...
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    Only 2 NFL teams have a top 10 scoring offense & defense: Miami & Baltimore..

    Top 10 Scoring Offenses: 1 Indianapolis Colts 2 Green Bay Packers 3 New England Patriots 4 Philadelphia Eagles 5 Denver Broncos 6 Baltimore Ravens 7 New Orleans Saints 8 Pittsburgh Steelers 9 Dallas Cowboys 10 Miami Dolphins...
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    Dolphins headed back to London in 2015

    Read more here: Armando also added that, the NFL has told teams if they want to be considered to host a Super Bowl they must be prepared to give up home games by playing in London.
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    Football Gameplan's 2015 NFL Midseason Mock Draft Video Good afternoon Dolphins fans! Here's a look at my midseason mock draft video Enjoy! Em
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    NFL Network: Game Rewind Week 4

    At 12:00 PM EST, NFL Network is scheduled to show the NFL Game Rewind of the Dolphins vs Raiders game. It's only 30 minutes but they show enough highlights for it to enjoyable.
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    Miami running game has been doing well. 5.2 yds/carry, 137 yds/game.

    Which is surprising, because during preseason, I thought our running game would be weak. Our anemic offense is mainly because of Tannehill & the passing game. As for my view on how to revitalize this phonebooth, crawling offense...
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    FinsRadio tonight at 8!

    Join Cat, Paul, and myself for another edition of On The FinSide on Blogtalkradio. Tonight we take a final look back at week one, a look ahead to week two, and discuss the concerns on defense with the linebacker situation. We will also get you the latest on the NFL/NFLP drug policy talks and...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8...No Bats tonight!

    Hello all, is back on tonight with On The FinSide at 8 eastern time. We will be talking about the NE game, the roster, depth chart, positions, and expectations. It's our post-pre-season kick off show! You can join us at and then click on the On...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8

    Hey all, Just a reminder that we are on tonight at 8 Eastern and will be talking about the roster, week 3 pre-season, week 4, and todays IR designations. Hope you can join us! then click the On The Finside show to listen live. We also have a live chat as...
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    2015 Miami Dolphins Cheer Calendar Show
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    Johnny "O" joins On The Finside Tonight!

    We will be kicking off another edition of "On the FinSide" tonight at 8 pm Eastern and joining us will be the venerable Johnny Offerdahl. Offerdahl, or Johnny "O" will be talking about his upcoming series "Gridiron Grill Off" and reminisce about some of his playing day highlights. Listen in and...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8 Jamar Taylor to join us

    Hey all, we will be on the air in about 30 minutes and around 8:30 we are expecting a special guest, Dolphins cornerback Jamar Taylor. Taylor is expected to be on for about 10 minutes unless something changes. Hope you can join us. then click the show...
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    Finsradio is back! On The Finside Tonight

    We are pleased to be back for our 8th season on blogtalkradio. Cat, Paul, and myself will be hosting our weekly show kicking off the 2014 season tonight! You can join us by going to the Finheaven player on the main page or by going to Click the button for On The...
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    Live draft coverage on Finsradio tonight !

    Tonight I will broadcast the 1st 3 hours of the draft starting around 7:50 pm on Finsradio. You can stream the show by going to Click on the finside and then play. We will breakdown how each pick affects Miami.
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    Finsradio Night 2 LIVE at 8

    Tonight we will have our final 2 hour preview of the draft and on draft night we will be broadcasting the draft live as well on Finsradio. To listen to the shows, go to then click the On The FinSide show and then play. Join Cat, Paul Picken and Brian Miller...
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    Finsradio tonight & tomorrow - 2 night draft special!!!

    We will be kicking off our two night draft special tonight at 8 eastern...yes in another 30 minutes. Agent David Canter will be joining us as well as draft prospect Tevrin Brandon at 8:05. In addition tonight we will host a live mock draft of every pick. If we don't finish it will rollover...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8!

    Hey all, Just some FYI that we are on tonight. Once there click the "On the FinSide" show and then click play. Feel free to join our chat and/or call in to the show. Tonight you will get your FIRST exclusive listen to the Miami Dolphins "Finsiders"...
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    Finsradio tonight at 8

    Please join us as we breakdown the latest on free agency! click on the "On The Finside" episode and then click the play button on the following page to listen live! Our phone lines will be open tonight. 714-333-3302 You can also join our chat room as well...
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