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miami offense

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    Tannehill 121.8 passer rating. Miller & Ajayi 5.4 yds/carry. If that continues..

    Ryan Tannehill: 121.8 passer rating. Lamar Miller & Jay Ajayi: 5.4 yds/carry. If the offense performs like that in the regular season, we should have a top 5 offense.
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    Miami Offense = 7 pts total in last 2 games

    0 pts vs Bills 7 pts vs Jets Miami offense has been anemic all year, but was absolutely atrocious down the stretch. You can't win NFL games when your offense scores 0-7 pts in a game. ---------- Post added at 05:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:01 PM ---------- Add the absurd...
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