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  1. D

    trying to fina a song they play at stadium

    its played late in the 3rd or 4th qtr at home games., it starts by showing jt and cam wake on the scoreboard pumping up the crowd and then its a rap song which sound like rick ross showing highlights of the DEFENSE< its a great song, does anyone know what im talking about. its being played...
  2. snake eyes

    If Jim H came to Miami instead of SF would we be just as good now?

    I really think that the dolphins have more talent even with Henne or Moore at QB> Ross has got to be kicking himself for being a Dufus!
  3. D

    anyone know the rap song (rick ross i believe) they play to pump up the defense

    it starts out by showing cam wake on the scoreboard and it pumps me up, like they did last year with thunderstruck, whats the name of the song and is it rick ross, they played it late in the 4th quarter, they play it Once a game
  4. N

    I hope we go 9-7, make the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl..

    Just to see the Suck4Luck fans eat a mountain of crow, teach them a lesson, that they should never ever root for their team to lose.
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 mock draft (Guess who first pick is???)

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Some of you guys are giving up on him way too early. He produced every year he has been here except this year which could be a fluke year because of the lockout. Free agency Ben Grubbs OG Offensive Guard is one of the big problems with our team. He can come in a...
  6. ojmcduffy

    tim tebow night

    Why in gods name are we honoring the 2009 gators. If i am not wrong isn't the qb for that team playing against us that night. I know being a tennessee fan i may not understand the situation, but i thought the canes fans hated florida as much as we vols do. This is Ross's big idea honor the...
  7. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Dolphins draft Andrew Luck the Official Video! This is a video I made last night. Hopefully there is more to come in a dolphins uniform. ENJOY!
  8. snake eyes

    If the Dolphins were to move to LA would you still be a fan?

    Ok I know this is selfish cuz I live here but I thought this question might be a five minute distraction. I would create one of those poll deals but I have no Idea how the hell to do that. So would you follow the team still? Yes or No.
  9. matt11390

    Don't Understand This Team

    Miami seems to have a lot of talent on defense and new talent on offense and Henne is improved. There was so much excitement in the preseason that this team could at least finish with a 500 or better record even if they don't make the playoffs. Yet they look just as bad right now as last year...
  10. D

    If Yeatman makes a catch at home?

    DO we do the todd HEEEEEEEAP,? and will the fans say YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT? I hope that would be nice! Thoughts?
  11. D

    Does anyone know when the yearbook show will be on?

    I wanna tivo it, so what day time and channel, nfl yearbook dolphins thanks
  12. E

    trade rumor: Starks and 2012 draft pick to bengals for palmer. rumor...

    Ok guys I am tired of beating around the bush. Write it down. My new trade rumor: Randy Starks and a high 2012 draft pick to the Bengals for Carson Palmer. That is all for now.
  13. RockyMtnPhinfan

    Henne may be inconsistent but at least he isn't doing this kind of thing........ Ughhhhh the Jets are something else man......It's Namath all over again (they wish)
  14. Dolph N.Fan

    8/9 Training Camp Recap.

    Through Omar's eyes: Full report here: Not looking good for Polite and Sheets apparently. I also wouldn't be surprised if Merling is traded during the regular season. Overall Dolphins seem to be a lot more active, creative, and exciting on offense this year than last season.
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