monday night

  1. Taysia

    Can we please move on from this Monday night game??

    It's over!! Let's get over it and move on. Here it is Wednesday and still no thread about the Houston game. Here we have an up coming game VS a team we've never won against and we are harping on this past Monday night's game. Can we all agree the defense played terrible and get over it...
  2. Kdawg954

    Serious Question . . . Brady or Henne . . . tonight?

    Obviously Brady is the superior QB, but who is gonna put up the most fantasy numbers? This league is 1 PPC and 25 yards passing per point. I think Henne should do well in completions in yardage but TDs are what bother me the most. Also if Miami finds themselves behind early and the fact they...
  3. Sethdaddy8

    3 Front Row - Lower Level - Sideline tickets to Monday Night Patriots Game !!!

    Parking pass included. Amazing front row seats to the Monday Night Game vs the Patriots. These are my personal season tickets(3) Check it out here!!! Auction goes live tonight.
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