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nfl draft 2012

  1. Quadfather

    4 picks...4 starters

    I think so far we have drafted 4 starters. I believe Tannehill starts from day 1 and silences all those who say he was a reach. Vernen Oliver looks like a stud prospect who if wasnt suspended last year could have been a 1st round pick. Jonathon Martin will start right away at right tackle and...
  2. D

    Interactive Mock Draft 2012 - Dolphins are On the Clock

    Hey guys, I don't know if you may remember from last year or not when we ran the Interactive Mock Draft where the team forums of each team got to vote on which player their team should take. Well we are doing it again this year, and the Dolphins are on the clock. I'm interested to see how you...
  3. DcRy82

    If Fins sign starting RG/RT, DE/OLB, and FS via FA. Would you trade up for RG3?

    I know that some people don't like RG3 at all. I think some people would like to have him, but not give up the necessary draft picks (which is the category I fall in). And I think some people would trade everything for him no matter what. So my question is mostly to those who are leery of...
  4. Pachyderm_Wave

    Alabama DT Josh Chapman played most of 2011 with torn ACL; meniscus That's a man right there.
  5. D

    Pre-Season 2012 NFL Mock Draft

    Hey guys, I just re-did my mock draft for the start of the 2011 season. Completely overhauled the site so I would love to hear your feedback on both the site and the mock if you don't mind. Here's the link: 2012 NFL Mock Draft
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