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  1. number1fin

    Charles Harris NFL Network Interview
  2. Geforce

    NFL Network: Game Rewind Week 9

    NFL Network: Game Rewind Week 9 San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins 9pm est.
  3. Geforce

    NFL Network: Game Rewind Week 4

    At 12:00 PM EST, NFL Network is scheduled to show the NFL Game Rewind of the Dolphins vs Raiders game. It's only 30 minutes but they show enough highlights for it to enjoyable.
  4. Geforce

    NFL Game Rewind Week 1

    NFL Network is airing the Week 1 NFL Game Rewind of the Patriots vs Dolphins at 1:30pm est on Monday.
  5. Geforce

    2013 Miami Dolphins: Focus and Resiliency

    NFL Network is airing highlights of the 2013 Miami Dolphins season tonight at 8:30pm and 12:30am.
  6. number1fin

    NFL Network - Inside the Dolphins

    Warning: Omar Kelly is featured in the video below
  7. phinasota

    Not that its a surprise...

    But these damn announcers on nfl network just effin refuse to recognize us. All they said about our win was "its impressive" and then just moved on. Does these networks just tell their employees to **** on us on purpose
  8. matt11390

    Dang it Mike Mayock and NFL Network

    He just stated on Path to the Draft that the Jets should take Austin at 9 and Eifert at 13! If that happens I will be ticked off. It's bad enough our GM would pick an UN-exciting OL but to see the Jets get those two playmakers would make me turn my tv off. Thoughts?
  9. Geforce

    1972 Miami Dolphins On NFL Network

    Tonight at 8pm EST, NFL Network is showing More Than Perfect: The 1972 Miami Dolphins and at 1am EST they are showing America's Game featuring the 1972 Miami Dolphins. NFL Network will repeat these shows on Thursday with More Than Perfect airing at 3pm and America's Game airing at 4pm.
  10. DolfanDaveInMI

    Preseason replays on NFL Network

    Can't find anywhere that shows when Miami's preseason games will be shown on tape delay. Has that been published?
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