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  1. D

    My Super Realistic Semi-Annual Off-Season Plan - Now with more Suh!

    So it's that time of year again, the time of year ever fin fan loves because you can't start the season with a losing record. So how would I improve these Dolphins to finally get back to the promised land? Check my plan below and let me know what you think. Cut: Nate Garner, Cortland...
  2. matt11390

    Can we afford to do this in FA and the draft?

    Here's an article from It is a write up about underrated FA's. was thinking about this. *resign of our own: Hartline, Long, Clemons, and Starks *sign other FA's: Keller...
  3. matt11390

    FA philosophies can differ

    This thread is a starter to discuss your opinions on how to approach FA vs the draft. And your philosophy may change from year to year depending on the team's needs and FA's available and type of draft prospects entering the league. So I will start with mine for this year. Critique what I say...
  4. catch22

    Ranking the AFC East teams based on 2013 off-season potential - Who will improve?

    I wanted to get a snapshot of which teams in the AFC east have the most potential to improve in the 2013 season based on cap room, draft picks, team needs that can be filled and the teams 2012 performance/coaching and carryover momentum from 2012. I compiled the data and made my own rankings...
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