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  1. miamidolphins83

    Josh Sitton Banged Up?

    I just caught Gase's presser and Sitton was held out of practice and "being evaluated." Anyone have more info? This would be a terrible loss for our OL especially going into the JeSTs game...UGH.
  2. BenchFiedler

    Truth about the O-Line

    I believe that with Tannehill being a dual threat QB (run/pass), opposing defenses must have a LB all the time spying the QB. That leaves 1 less defender to stop Ajayi and this is probably one of the reasons Ajayi went to his 1st pro-bowl last year. He was not as effective with Moore in at QB...
  3. D

    Pretty Simple

    It's pretty simple to see. Gase and company are petrified at their terrible offensive line. They know it sucks and that there isn't anything they can really do about it now. The o-line determines what this collection of talent can do and right now they aren't going to produce much. Gase knows...
  4. miamidolphins83

    Bring Branden Albert back to play LG

    Alright...maybe left field or maybe a brilliant idea. Let's bring another guy out of "retirement." Larsen is out for most if not all of this season and we have a glaring hole a LG. We broke BAs heart sending him to the Jags. Bring him back if he agrees to play LG next to Tunsil at LT. Would be...
  5. matt11390

    Where's our OL improvements?

    Miami has spent 3 days on the chaotic deal with Philly while cutting some players and signing Williams. That's all good but if they don't shore up the OL IMO everything else will be for nothing especially after losing Miller. Miami needs two starting guards. I have read about Boone being favored...
  6. number1fin

    La'el Collins takes selfie with Dolphins players
  7. number1fin

    Ja'Wuan James interview ---------- Post added at 04:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:53 PM ---------- Sounds like Dion Jordan still has supporters on the team.
  8. number1fin

    4th round pick Jamil Douglas highlights
  9. LouPhinFan

    All-22 Rookie Class: Ja'Wuan James Good stuff from Doug Farrar here. The hiring of John Benton is already paying dividends. Perhaps this unit will be able to run block better than I thought they would.
  10. MexDolfan

    MexDolfan presents Miami Dolphins' Offensive Line Thought Meter

    I'm bringing a graphical opinion about the current status of our team with the so-called "Offensive Line Thought Meter" Today's edition
  11. utahphinsfan

    another how to fix the OL post

    In post 28 (link below), I had a few suggestions., Following up, the OT in later rounds could be Moses from UVa or Henderson from Miami. It won't surprise me...
  12. BenchFiedler

    WOW - One Week Philbin's a Hero, The next week He's a zero!!!! Come on Fans

    How can u guys switch so easily from love to hate and hate to love week after week??? The truth is that, we are not a playoffs team and I don't know why you would want the Dolphins to be humiliated like in the playoffs with this O-Line!!!! What I see is high hopes for next year, this team has...
  13. BenchFiedler

    Worst Part of Rookie Hazing? Monetary or Psychological

    After hearing the NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, etc.. I think Martin may have left because of monetary obligations towards the team. Do you think rookie hazing from crazy haircuts, to pranks, to carrying equipments on the field can really affect a football player who in my opinion football is the...
  14. Kdawg954

    What a difference a year makes . . . Let's end this curse tonight!!

    After going up to New Jersey and spanking the Jets on October 28th, 2012 . . . the Dolphins offensive line tweeted: Man those guys looked like they were having the time of their lives and they were playing some damn good football at 4-3 in front of their rookie QB. A year later, Jake Long...
  15. BenchFiedler

    Most Disturbing Moments in Dolphins - Bills Game

    * Thad Lewis looking like a veteran against Dolphins Defense. Bag game plan. Bill Belicheat and Rex Ryan would make him look like a rookie 3rd string QB like he is *Jimmy Wilson covering the Bills Best receiver at key moments like 3rd downs *Leaving Clabo 1 on 1 against Super Mario. *Putting...
  16. number1fin

    Dolphins have some serious roster holes?

    Gregg Rosenthal writes: Does this guy even have a clue?
  17. LouPhinFan

    What Did the Miami Dolphins Buy with $210 Million?

    Goy. I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize it was THIS bad.
  18. BenchFiedler

    Long resigning with Dolphins = Continuity & Chemistry

    Every year, we have a different setup/players for the O-line.. This is why this unit is not elite (even though we have the talent) because it is not stable, there is no continuity and the chemistry is not there at 100%... What we need for a young QB is continuity on the O-line. Getting Jake...
  19. KevInMotion

    Long coming back for Miami? The ESPN Article is for Insiders, but it also links to this Sun Sentinel article,0,5694451.story
  20. Kdawg954

    Showing Jake Long some love

    The man has taken a beating pretty much this entire season, and it was looking like he was going to get tormented after Clemmons beat him for that sack. But in that 2nd half, he was a different player. Pass Protection was top notch and he was a force in the running game. One half doesn't take...
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