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offensive upgrade

  1. BenchFiedler

    TE Coby Fleener - Is he worth a 1st round Pick

    Coby Fleener :: - - 6-6 and 244 lbs Rob Gronkowski - 6-6 and 265 lbs Jimmy Graham - 6-6 and 260lbs Call me crazy, but I think he is worth a 1st round pick... Look at Jimmy Graham from the Saints and Gronkowski from the Pats and how they create mismatches because of their size and...
  2. utahphinsfan

    Upgrading at TE

    My preference is Fleener. Then, cut Hilliard and Mastrud. List Clay as FB and the TE's would be Fasano, Fleener & Yeatman. Clay and Fleener could line up all over. Fasano could be an inline TE and occasional receiver. Yeatman would essentially be an Extra Tackle. Imagine Fleener lined up @...
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