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  1. Blake the great

    Drake Killed It On The Left Side

    Per PFF.....interesting
  2. Built2Win

    Running on fumes the saga continues..

    O Line woes continue as running backs struggle to get 2 yards.. We seen this movie before "the never ending story of running into a brick wall" Question? How much do you put that on the running backs or the blocking up front? Who should be let go in favor of upgrades? When Pouncey comes back...
  3. Kdawg954

    The Post Combine version of "Who we taking if?"

    I did this last year to get an idea of what others thought about the direction we would go if the draft fell a certain way. I'm going to lay out a potential mock draft with no trades and no trade down options and give a poll of choices and you guys choose who you think would be the pick. 1...
  4. nolefin

    my thoughts on the oline after watching every snap 3 times.

    the oline was horriable as we all know, but pouncy was pretty good and ingognito was solid. carey was just plain pathetic i bet he dont even make the team, he seems out of position at G maybe age is just catching up, colombo is just as bad, both of these guys were on the ground almost every play...
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