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  1. pacresjt

    IMO Parker just got Landry his Contract

    After watching Parker under deliver for 3 seasons, his inability to play through a season; I think he’s put the Icing on the cake for Landry’s extension. His last two games showing unreliability, lack of separation, lack of ability to battle for the ball and letting balls slip through his hands...
  2. miamb113

    Matt Moore and devante Parker

    does anyone know or remember hearing anything about their rapport? fantasy season on the line I either start Brandon Marshall or devante Parker.
  3. Jimi

    Ultimate DeVante Parker Highlight Videos This guys talent is through the roof. Finally in the first time in what feels like forever, things fell perfectly into place with the Dolphins. As a side note, this makes me love the Mike Wallace trade. Before although I wasnt mad we moved him...
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