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  1. Stoobz

    What Will Miami's 1st Offensive Pass Play Be?

    The permutations are infinite. I wanted to include running plays but kept it to a simplistic choice of pass plays. Enjoy!
  2. jimlerario

    Theory on the sack issue

    The go/go-go pre snap. when the dline hears the one go, they go straight for Tannehill, not worrying about them running. then the dline get in a rhythm after hearing it for so many times, and defend either the run or the pass, never both.
  3. jimlerario

    key to tannehill success

    “Especially with the underneath routes, you have to have what they call a ‘high plant leg,’” Pennington said. “You actually have to throw it taller than what your body is. You have to get up on that front leg and be able to extend as high as you can and almost throw down.”...
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