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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    NFL network 8 out of 10 have us losing

    Boy they're in for a suprise. Here's a link to the video with the predictions at the end. Dolphins vs pats preview link
  2. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Video: Tua week 1 highlights vs Patriots

    Wow look at the way he moves around that sideline, his hip looks good. Is ready at a moment's notice jumping off the bench with Fitzpatrick and has his helmet on. I'm excited guys! Hes ready!!!!
  3. S

    Julian Edelman vs Jarvis Landry

    So in the past two days I've had discussion with some friends regarding who's the better receiver. To my surprise both guys have gone with Edelman! Please tell me I'm not blind here, but to me Edelman is a product of the system for the most part. While Landry may not be WAY better than Edelman...
  4. BlueFin

    The Patriots have Fumbled the ball far less than Anybody Since 2000...............

    Well here we go....Anyone now has to wonder if they have done this all along? Jerome Bettis, Mark Brunnell and others have clearly stated the huge difference in 2 less pounds of pressure in the football.....easier to throw....easier to grip...easier to catch....and yes therefore.....easier to...
  5. VaPhinatic

    Peter King on AFC East Nice to see that the Dolphins are getting a little respect.
  6. LouPhinFan

    Belichick: No Regrets in Cordarrelle Patterson Deal He may not but I'm guessing Tom Brady does. How long has NE been searching for a good WR? 5 or 6 seasons? Randy Moss isn't walking through that door. My guess is this next May they...
  7. coalesce

    NFL Replay Dolphins-Patriots 12-17-13 @ 3:30 PM

    Just saw it announced this morning. Michael
  8. MexDolfan

    Bill Belichick was his worst enemy

    Patriots' HC is a genius bettering opportunities for his team by systematically finding mismatches and opponents' weakest link. But this week in Miami that leaded to Dolphins' victory. With Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll injured for the final series, DB Michael Thomas entered to serve as...
  9. F

    huge loss for Pats

    Jerrod Mayo was lost for the season. This in my opinion is a huge loss for this Pats team. He was the leader of that defense especially now with Wilfork gone.this injury will be a devastating loss for this defense. I think us having this bye week and being pretty much entirely healthy is looking...
  10. DKphin

    Dannell Ellerbe: I was brought to Miami to knock the Patriots off

    read more:
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Jets Draft Room Compared to Dolphins and Patriots.
  12. number1fin

    Happy Birthday Tom Brady!

    He turns 35 years OLD today. Here's hoping we see more of this... the very near future. I mean, he can't be great forever, can he?
  13. utahphinsfan

    Players I'd like to poach from the Pats Green-Ellis, Mark Anderson, Ihedigbo, & possibly K Faulk. It should go w/o saying that only if the price is right. Here is a incredible long shot...... Heinz Ward if he actually is released. Thoughts?
  14. MegaFinz

    Pats going back to the big game...

    man it really sucks to be a phins fan all the way around.First of all like i said the stinkin pats are going to the super bowl, there is no team left that can beat them in the champ. game, all we can hope for is them losing to the pack or 49er's or maybe the Giants again that would be SWEEEET...
  15. VaPhinatic

    Pats cut A.J Edds

    A.J. Edds released by Pats? Mike Berardino's twitter feed: "@RapSheet: The Patriots announced they've promoted Jeff Tarpinian to the 53-man roster, cut A.J. Edds." Another Fins do-over?
  16. Kdawg954

    Post Week 1 Stock Report

    I'm a bit disgusted by the defense's performance last night, but hopefully its a learning experience. We get those guys later in the season again . . . the Fins have to be more prepared. Stock Up Chad Henne - The guy looked seasoned out there didn't he? Shame he couldn't end his night...
  17. Kdawg954

    Reshad Jones

    Is it me, or did he just have a terrible game? He took bad angles the entire night, he was slipping, he was out of position and the one chance to show his ball skills he didn't pick the ball and take it 100 yards. Truthfully, I'm not going to rewatch that game last night so I'll let others...
  18. Sethdaddy8

    3 Front Row - Lower Level - Sideline tickets to Monday Night Patriots Game !!!

    Parking pass included. Amazing front row seats to the Monday Night Game vs the Patriots. These are my personal season tickets(3) Check it out here!!! Auction goes live tonight.
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