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  1. Blake the great

    For those who didnt want Peyton Manning to MIA

    You are all idiots
  2. ryanosaur2000

    A longer wait on the horizon? "Contract talks between Peyton Manning and the Colts could extend until Sunday, according to league sources with knowledge of the quarterback’s deal with the team."
  3. W

    Peyton willing to structure contract le-deal-demands-sources-say He wouldn't cost as much as some think. At least not initially. Plus, this would basically eliminate any risk.
  4. finomenal

    POLL: IF we sign Manning, who do you want with the first pick?

    It would be very tempting for me to grab an OL to protect Manning, but I think we should double down and get Tannehill if he's available. He's very green to the QB position, and sitting behind Peyton would benefit him greatly. The new CBA makes this doable; his contract would be very...
  5. Blake the great

    Do you want the Dolphins to sign P. Manning?

    If the doctors tell him he can play, even if he isnt 100% healthy or fully recovered, do you still want Manning to be the starting quarterback next season?
  6. W

    Four options at QB...choose one

    Peyton Manning if healthy should be the #1 option. The opportunity to add a future Hall of Famer to your roster doesn't come along often. If he's a free agent come March, and is cleared to play football, outside of maybe 5-6 teams, everybody else would want him in a heartbeat. Thoughts...
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