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philbin out ireland in

  1. BenchFiedler

    WOW - One Week Philbin's a Hero, The next week He's a zero!!!! Come on Fans

    How can u guys switch so easily from love to hate and hate to love week after week??? The truth is that, we are not a playoffs team and I don't know why you would want the Dolphins to be humiliated like in the playoffs with this O-Line!!!! What I see is high hopes for next year, this team has...
  2. kingfin23

    Great read on Ireland. Face it Philbin is a bust.

    It doesn’t matter how good your groceries are, or what sale price you bought them for. If no one at home can cook them, they’ll only go to waste. Jeff Ireland is an unbelieveable general manager. Ireland doesn’t go with the popular choice, and realizes the thanklessness of his job. Fair or...
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