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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Who wins: '19 phins(1-7) vs '21 phins(1-7)

    It's sad I'm even asking this question
  2. Y

    My best friend is a jet fan (reaction)

    Hi I live in México and my bff is a jest fan, so i taped his reaction al the end of The game... just watch the video and enjoy GO PHINS!!!
  3. W

    Questions about the game and Rules on spot of the ball

    1. We all knew it was going to be a tough game, I felt the phins still had a chance after half but it seemed like they just mentally checked out. 2. But I'm just confused about a couple spot calls for phins during the Falcons and Saints game runner down based on where his knee touches ground...
  4. snake eyes

    Too Bad Tannehill cant throw to himself!

    Dude was a good receiver. Wonder if while they are grooming him they will use him as a receiver in certain situations?
  5. snake eyes

    Looks like our Front office is taking some cues from The Pats: I like it.

    If you cant beat em join em. Protect your QB give him time to get it to a giant tight end or two. It's worked well for the Patriots. It looks like Philbin really has a plan.
  6. snake eyes

    Tannehill: A different take.

    Look it's a win win actually. If he sucks everybody was right. If he is great then its a plus and he is a receiver too. However the Biggest Plus is Tannehill's GF is FREAKING HOT...
  7. snake eyes

    I admit i dont follow the draft real well, so if not tannehill then who?

    Seriously I give way to all of you mensa's in here. Who is the best pick do you think out there that will be the best fit for this team? Tanehill seems smart but what the hell do I know.
  8. Tunaphish429

    @San Diego

    Bolts lose Cesaire for at least two games "With Juan Castillo recovering from a broken leg and Liuget expected to need another week to heal his ankle, the Chargers could have only four defensive linemen...
  9. HoustonPhinFan

    JT says Phins woes trace to bad practise?....WOW

    It is amazing that Phins haven't had good practices and probable cause for bad play. This is crazy, and to me it implies that the coaches aren't doing their job, and players are taking it easy. Not sure what is happening....I am dreading going through another season of 3-13.... I have...
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