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play calling

  1. pacresjt

    Time For Gase To Hand Over Keys To The Offense

    Im not sure what I am watching. This supposed Offensive genius is a terrible play caller. I have never likes his play calls. He has good play designs but he doesnt know when to call them. He also doesnt know how to use his pieces. Run calls, he cant seen to call them at the right time and...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Truth about the O-Line

    I believe that with Tannehill being a dual threat QB (run/pass), opposing defenses must have a LB all the time spying the QB. That leaves 1 less defender to stop Ajayi and this is probably one of the reasons Ajayi went to his 1st pro-bowl last year. He was not as effective with Moore in at QB...
  3. phinasota

    Play Calling

    So far Sherman is calling a great game. I loved the deep ball to Hartline. Everyone knows we dont have a deep threat but it's good to see that we aint playin scared @ss sporano ball! Go Phinz!
  4. D


    Eleven is the number of points we left on the field inside the 2 yard line because we are apparently unable to run it up the middle. Great job getting rid of Polite because if we had him on the team we never would been able to run a fade pattern from the half yard line to that big, beast of a...
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