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  1. Kdawg954

    8-12-18 Training Camp Day 11

  2. Kdawg954

    Wednesday 01/04/2017 Practice updates

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 21m21 minutes ago Safety Bacarri Rambo is not practicing today, at least not full. Dolphins safety situation is not great. Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 36m36 minutes ago Jelani Jenkins who has missed three of last four games is practicing today...
  3. Kdawg954

    Post your Final Roster & Practice Squad Projections

    So we've seen our beloved Dolphins through over a month of camp and 5 preseason games and final cuts are due by 6 p.m. on Saturday. Who do you think makes the roster and who do you believe is worth developing on the practice squad. Here is my projection: Offense (25) QB (3) -...
  4. snake eyes

    If all the players are agreeing that this team isnt preparing properly.......

    Then why is Sparano still here? Have any of you heard him answer any questions about this feeling running rampent through his team? Has he defended or denied the comments? If your not getting it done on the practice field and the whole world knows this by now than shouldnt the coach have to...
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